Dr. Huma Bayat, DDS
  • General & Aesthetic
    Dentistry for Families

  • General & Aesthetic
    Dentistry for Families

  • General & Aesthetic
    Dentistry for Families

  • General & Aesthetic
    Dentistry for Families

Meet Dr. Huma Bayat, D.D.S.

Dr. Huma Bayat loves to work in a profession where she has the opportunity to improve the lives of her patients by supporting their dental health and wellness. She enjoys the art of dentistry and the ability to create something useful and beautiful with her hands that benefits others. Read More »

Services & Procedures

At Platinum Smiles Family Dentistry, we provide high quality, reliable dentistry for your entire family. From children’s dentistry to dentures for our older patients, Brentwood dentist Dr. Huma Bayat is skilled at treatment for all stages of life. Her comprehensive approach to dental care means a healthy dental future for you and your entire family.

Professional Preventative Care

All great dental health starts with a good preventative regimen. Once you have an exam with Dr. Huma Bayat, she will recommend a preventative care schedule based on your specific needs. For most patients, that means an exam and professional cleaning at least every six months.

At Platinum Smiles Family Dentistry, we utilize digital x-rays and an intraoral camera to assist with diagnosis. These tools can help us detect problems like cracks and decay early, helping to prevent pain and more expense in the future.

Reliable Restorative Care

If you do need restorative care, you are in good hands with Dr. Huma Bayat. She is experienced and skilled at restoring the health of patients’ teeth. From fillings to crowns and porcelain veneers, you can expect an exceptional outcome from restorations in our office.

Dr. Bayat insists on using high quality materials that last a long time so that patients receive a good value for their money. We know having to replace dentistry because it fails is a huge hassle. Dr. Bayat’s skills, in conjunction with our reliable dental laboratory, means that your final restorations are an investment that you can count on. With proper care and regular exams, you should be in good shape for many years to come.

Attractive Cosmetic Dentistry

At our Brentwood dental office, we realize that patients are as concerned about how they look as the health of their teeth. Today, so many great options exist to improve the appearance of your teeth. From simple and affordable improvements such as professional teeth whitening and cosmetic bonding to more dramatic improvements such as porcelain veneers or a full smile makeover, you are in great hands at Platinum Smiles Family Dentistry.

Anxiety-Free Dentistry

Are you dental phobic? Do you dread trips to the dentist and put off treatment you know you need? We understand how to care for people exactly like you and provide a relaxing and calm environment for your appointments. For patients who require a little additional help to relax, we offer oral conscious sedation. Conscious sedation is an oral medication-assisted method that we can use to help you feel comfortable and anxiety-free.

Are You Ready to Schedule?

Give us a call to schedule an appointment. Whether you are a new patient or one of our current patients, we welcome you to call and get your treatment scheduled. At our Brentwood, CA dental office, it is our goal to make your dental experience enjoyable and easy.

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