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  • General & Aesthetic
    Dentistry for Families

Meet Dr. Huma Bayat, D.D.S.

Dr. Huma Bayat loves to work in a profession where she has the opportunity to improve the lives of her patients by supporting their dental health and wellness. She enjoys the art of dentistry and the ability to create something useful and beautiful with her hands that benefits others. Read More »

White Dental Fillings in Brentwood, CA

Do you have old, dark amalgam fillings that are broken down or leaking? Do you want your dark fillings replaced with new fillings that are made to match your teeth? If so, at Platinum Smiles Family Dentistry, we can use our expertise and skills to restore the beauty and function of your smile.

Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings

We do our best to help our patients to avoid decay, but sometimes, despite our best efforts, we need to do a dental filling. In our Brentwood, CA dental office, we use white fillings, called composites, to treat decay.

Tooth-colored fillings are so natural looking that no one will ever know you have them. We match them to your existing teeth so that your smile is seamless. They are both strong and reliable when it comes to everyday wear and tear. Composite fillings should last a long time if you maintain excellent home care and regular appointments in our office.

When we place composite fillings, we do so one layer at a time and use a special curing light in between each layer to harden the composite material. Once we have finished, Dr. Huma Bayat will polish and shape the composite material to match your tooth seamlessly.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Composite material that we use in fillings is also an excellent way to correct minor cosmetic flaws in your teeth. This is called cosmetic dental bonding. If you have chips or slight areas of discoloration, we can repair many of those areas with composite material, which is much more affordable than porcelain.

Cosmetic dental bonding is also useful for areas of your teeth that show excessive wear or have become too short from chewing or grinding. If you have some minor flaws in your smile and you would like to know if cosmetic dental bonding would work for you, Dr. Huma Bayat can do an exam and share your options.

Amalgam Replacement

While numerous studies show that amalgam fillings containing mercury are completely safe, some of our patients just do not like the way mercury fillings look. Also, like any filling, they only last for so long and then they begin to break down. Fillings that are deteriorating pose a threat to your tooth because they may allow food and bacteria in the cracks, causing internal decay of your tooth.

Dr. Bayat can examine your current dentistry if you have concerns about it. If it does need to be replaced, we can take care of you in our Brentwood dental office. We will replace your old broken-down dentistry with new dentistry that will support and stabilize your teeth.

Call Our Office for a Professional Evaluation

If you would like an evaluation to replace your existing fillings or if you are interesting in cosmetic bonding, contact our office for a professional evaluation with Dr. Huma Bayat. She will do an exam and share her honest opinion about your options. We look forward to seeing you in our office and helping you to achieve a healthy smile.

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